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​I-Wen Peter Chen & Hsu, Hua-Fen

Chemical Engineering Journal

2023-10, 474, 145907.

In-Situ monitoring intermediate stages in ammonia oxidation reaction via high performance NiCuBOx-1/NF electrocatalysts


Lin, Hong-Ping
Materials Today Sustainability

2023-09, 24, 100535.

Transformation of Cu(OH)2 to mesostructural copper-silicate in alkaline silicate solution


Yeh, Chen‐Sheng

Nature Communications

2023-08, 14, 4709.

Prussian blue analog with separated active sites to catalyze water driven enhanced catalytic treatments


Lin, Chun-Yi 


2023-08, accepted.

Three-Coordinate Halide and Methyl Complexes of Chromium, Manganese, Iron, Cobalt, and Nickel Enabled by an Imidazolin-2-iminato Ligand


Wu, Yao-Ting

Nature Communications

2023-08, 14, 5248 .

Synthesis, structural analysis, and properties of highly twisted alkenes 13,13-bis(dibenzo[a,i]fluorenylidene) and its derivatives


Yeh, Chen‐Sheng

Nature Nanotechnology

2023-08, accepted.

Electroactive membrane fusion-liposome for increased electron transfer to enhance radiodynamic therapy


Cheng, Mu‐Jeng

ACS Catalysis

2023-08, 13, 17, 11697–11710.

Identification of CO2 as a Reactive Reagent for C-C Bond Formation via Copper-Catalyzed Electrochemical Reduction


Sung, Kuang-Sen

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.

2023-06, 25, 14627-14634.

7-membered-ring effect on fluorescence quantum yield: does metal-complexation-induced twisting-inhibition of an amino GFP chromophore derivative enhance fluorescence?

2023-04-27 (耀).jpg

Wu, Yao-Ting

J. Am. Chem. Soc.

2023-04, 145, 18, 10304-10313.

Highly Distorted Multiple Helicenes: Syntheses, Structural Analyses, and Properties


Lin, Jong-Liang

J. Phys. Chem. C

2023-03, 127, 13, 6294–6310.

Propiolic Acid on Cu(100) and Oxygen-Precovered Cu(100): Multiple Adsorption States and Diversified Reaction Routes


​I-Wen Peter Chen

J. Colloid Interface Sci.

2023-03, 7, 650, 15, 737-749.

Thermally constructed stable Zn-doped NiCoOx-z alloy structures on stainless steel mesh for efficient hydrogen production via overall hydrazine splitting in alkaline electrolyte


Hsu, Kuei-Fang

Inorg. Chem.

2023-01, 62, 4, 1570–1579.

Ba3.5Cu7.55In1.15Se9: A Wide-Bandgap Copper Indium Selenide Reveals Strong Luminescence and Third-Harmonic Generation


​I-Wen Peter Chen

ACS Appl. Nano Mater.

2023-01, 6, 3, 1985–1995.

Hydrofluoric Acid-Free Synthesis of Ti3C2Tx MXene Nanostructures for Energy Applications

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