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​        The Department of Chemistry was founded in 1959, and in 1976 began to offer evening classes as part of the Night Division of the University. In 1984 a master's degree program was established. In 1992 a PhD program was established.



        In order to bring theory and practice together, the Department not only teaches students theory but also provides them with experimental experience. In addition to the general required courses, the Department also offers chemistry courses in various specialties to meet current needs. The Department also encourages its undergraduates to attend classes on special topics and take part in actual research work so that they can apply what they have learned to the real world outside the classroom.

        The department has always endeavored to elevate its teaching quality and to cultivate a research atmosphere. Therefore, more scholar-teachers have been recruited and more equipment installed. The Department also aggressively applies to the National Science Council, the Ship-building Company, the Chinese Petroleum Corporation, and so on, for research projects and appropriate funding, thus linking teaching, research, and application and training more technologists to meet the requirements of national economical construction.   

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