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Chiu, Hsien-Tai

Associate Professor

Biochemistry, Biotechnology
Organic Chemistry, Natural Product Biosynthesis
Drug Discovery, Traditional Chinese Medicine

Bioinformatics, BioMedicine

Therapy in Cancers, Osteoporosis and Neurodegeneration

☎ Phone:06-2757575-65322



PhD in Chemistry, Brown University, USA



Stanford University, Postdoctoral Research Fellow


National Chiao Tung University, Assistant Professor


National Chiao Tung University, Associate Professor


National Cheng Kung University, Associate Professor


  1. Sugito, S.F.A. ; Firdaus, F. ; Aung, Y. ; Sakti, S.C.W. ; Chiu, H.T.; Fahmi, M.Z.*"In situ tailoring of carbon dots-metal ferrite nanohybrid as multipurpose marker agent of HeLa cancer cells" J. Mater. Res., 202237, 41, 1941-1951.

  2. Dikeocha, I.J.*; Al-Kabsi, A.M.*; Chiu, H.T.; Alshawsh, M.A. "Faecalibacterium prausnitzii Ameliorates Colorectal Tumorigenesis and Suppresses Proliferation of HCT116 Colorectal Cancer Cells" Biomedicines., 202213, 10, 5,1128.

  3. Chen, K. T.; Liu, C. L.; Huang, S. H.; Shen, H. T.; Shieh, Y. K.; Chiu, H. T.*; Lu, C. L.* "CSAR: A contig scaffolding tool using algebraic rearrangements" Bioinformatics, 201834, 109-111.

  4. Chiu, H. T.*; Weng, C. P.; Lin, Y. C.; Chen, K. H. "Target-specific identification and characterization of the putative gene cluster for brasilinolide biosynthesis revealing the mechanistic insights and combinatorial synthetic utility of 2-deoxy-l-fucose biosynthetic enzymes" Org. Biomol. Chem., 201614, 1988-2006.

  5. Chen, K. T.*; Li, C. L.*; Chiu, H. T.*; Lu, C. L.* "An efficient algorithm for one-sided block ordering problem under block-interchange distance" There. Comput. Sci., 2016609, 296-305.

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