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Associate Professor

Wu, Hsin-Lun

Inorganic Chemistry

☎ Phone:06-2757575-65335



PhD in Chemistry, Tsukuba University (2014)



2014-2016  Kyoto University, Postdoctoral Researcher


2016-2023 National Cheng Kung University, Assistant Professor


2023-Present  National Cheng Kung University, Associate Professor


  1. Liu, Y.C.; Li, S.Y.; Chen, X.Y.; Chuang, Y.C.; Wu, H.L.* "Control of Oxidative Etching Rate of Cu Nanocubes in Synthesis of CuRu Nanocages and Nanoframes " Chem. Mater. 2023, 35, 1, 136–143.

  2. Jhao, H.T.; Zhan, C.Y.; Wu, H.L.* "Light-Enhanced Catalytic Activity of Intermetallic PdCd Nanocubes for Suzuki Coupling" ACS Appl. Nano Mater., 2022, 5, 7, 9990–9995.

  3. Kim, J.; Wu, H.L.; Hsu, S.; Matsumoto, K.; Sato, R.; Teranishi, T.* "Nanoparticle Approach to the Formation of Sm2Fe17N3 Hard Magnetic Particles" Chem. Lett., 201948, 9, 1054-1057.

  4. Wu, H.-L.; Sato, R.; Yamaguchi, A.; Kimura, M.; Haruta, M.; Kurata, H.; Teranishi, T.* "Formation of Pseudomorphic Nanocages from Cu2O Nanocrystals through Anion Exchange Reactions" Science, 2016351, 1306-1310.

  5. Ge, W.; Sato, R.; Wu, H.-L.; Teranishi, T.* "Simple Surfactant Concentration-dependent Shape Control of Polyhedral Fe3O4 Nanoparticles and Their Magnetic Properties" ChemPhysChem, 201516, 3200-3205.

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